Fear Project Three

5 Dec

At this point everyone has presented their individual fear projects. All of the projects were very good. They let you see into each person deeply. The project that I really connected with was by Leigh Fields. She talked about her fear for being in debt. This is on of my fear as well. I fear that I will have to owe people after school and I already owe for some bills. But I am working hard to clean them up. I want to be debt free.  This did not really impact my own fear project, but I could have added this fear to it. Overall, this project and class was great for me and I am glad I had the chance to take it. It helped me to see myself and face different issues. I am always helping others and it felt great to help myself. I will continue to use what I have learned in this class in my everyday life.


Fear Factor: Part Two

27 Nov

I really enjoyed learning about some of my classmates fears that had the chance to present their projects along with myself on this past Monday. I was very hard for me to present my project of my fear because it is such a deep hurt from childhood to my present. When I had to set and really think about this fear that I thought I had no longer had and finally overcome, I found it still had its ugly paws on me still. I found that I have been so good at helping others heal and I had not totally healed myself. In presenting my project of this fear to my peers it marked my first steps to healing myself completely.

The Reaction

The reaction I got from my peers and my instructor was pretty good. I felt a dead silence in the room as I talked and cried which I told myself over and over not to do. (laughs) I found that my instructor had been through the same issues in her life. I was great to talk with someone that could understand the pain I was releasing from my spirit. A few of my peers share their thoughts and experiences as well. Everyone took the time to explore my project piece too. I thought no one would open it to find the surprises I have inside it, as it was just a ragged old box. I just hope that everyone took some meaning away from my fear presentation that they can pass along to others.

Changes to My Project

The only changes I would make to my project would be to make it more ugly and crappy on the outside of the box. I wanted to do this but funds are real low right now and I didn’t want  to just slather mud on it. I would have been to messy. I did notice that my teacher picked up that I have been making interactive art pieces for my projects the whole semester. I was happy to see she picked that up. I love love love interactive art! My favorite artist is Olafur Eliasson. His work is amazing and I like how he uses environmental elements to take viewers on a ride to envision natural elements like water, fire, light, and wood in a whole new way.

Overall, I enjoyed doing this project. It was a great help to me and I’m sure it was a great help to others.

Fear Factor: Part One

24 Nov

So many of use fear something that keeps use from doing accomplishing things that we want to do at times. This fear to me can be a lack of confidence some times, because we may be confident in all aspects of our life but that one particular area.
What makes me fearful is how people judge me as a plus size woman. How people try to place stereo types on me before they even know me. At times this has made me shy away from things that I have wanted to do in my life. I am a very confident woman and I am much more than my dress size, but it gets to me sometimes when people give me crazy looks in an interview or when I walk into a room. I have had someone tell me “Wow you are such a well-kept woman!” What am I not suppose to be well-kept as a plus size woman? I am just as good looking, talented, smart and capable as the next skinny person. But my experiences have made me kind of fearful at times with some things that I want to do in my life.

Hypothesized Outcome
I hypothesize with my project that some people may not look into the box.

Class Take Away: What the Beep

24 Nov

In class we watch the movie What the Beep. This movie was pretty good. I like their approach on how people’s thoughts effect what they project to the world. I really like the experiment they showed with the water out of the whole movie. That was so awesome to me!

How this Movie Relates to Our Class
This movie tied in with our class because it talked about letting go of your comfort zone and exploring your creative possibilities. So many of us fear doing this that we let our fearful and negative self thoughts stop us from reaching our full potential. This is was our instructor has been teaching us to do this semester.

Class Take Away

15 Nov

Last Monday in class some of the class shared their vision boards. The thing that stood out the most was how everyone felt about the boards and how they creatively came up with a different way of doing it. Each board showed just how unique each person was in their own way. I love seeing how unique people are! The board that I enjoyed the most was Mayiassa’s board. She did her board as a bucket list and it was in all words. As I stated in my post about my own vision board, I liked using words as they stand out to me more that pictures do. So I was so drawn to her board. It inspired me to create another board for myself in a similar fashion. I also liked how she used color in here board as well. This gave it wonderful pop! Over all I just liked everyone’s board and had a great time in class. I was lit a fire in wanting to map out a road map for more of my goals in life.

Vision Board Project

11 Nov

Our instructor assigned us a project to create a vision board for one creative block that in some way hinders our creativity. This process was not too difficult for me, as I know what plays a big hindrance in how creative I am at times.

As I sat down to draw out this vision board. I decided to put it in words because words speak to me more than photos in dealing with my personal goals.

Vision Board

Vision Board for Maximum Creativity
Creative Blocker: Procrastination
I find myself putting off task at times. This is a blocker that I would like to overcome because procrastinating with things that I have to do makes everything pile up. Then I am not able to fully create like I normally would if I didn’t put the task off until the last minute.

Goal: To become a Non-Procrastinator that is organized with task at all times.

Ways to get to the Goal:
1) Make a weekly To-Do List
2) Projects that have a certain time frame, work on the project each day until the project is completed ahead of the due date.
3) Organize task in order session
4) Manage time to be able to multi-task more efficiently.

Reward for Completion of the Goal:

1) Go shopping
2) Go on a weekend vacation
3) Go out to dinner
4) Pamper myself

Class Take Away

10 Nov

I really enjoyed hearing about what everyone did for there Bliss projects. I found that a lot of us have the same creative blocks that affects our creative processes. I liked being able to get feedback advice in dealing with my most problematic creative block during class. It really helped me a lot.

Class Take Away #7

20 Oct

Today in class we had to introduce ourselves to each other. I really enjoyed doing this and listening to everyone’s introductions. It helped me learn a lot about my fellow classmates. Because honestly, I didn’t even know some of their names. I am sure they didn’t know mine. I liked hear how they all saw their own identities. I found that some of us have a lot in common as well. I was very enlightened during this class session.

Hello Great To Meet You!

20 Oct

We all go through our daily lives trying to figure out just who we are. We try to pull our identity together like puzzle pieces, switching elements of ourselves around to make them fit, ultimately make a somewhat perfect image of who we think we are.
Often times people like our friends, family, and spouses have a totally different outlook on how they see us. Our public role (identity) may be unlike how we may see the person that we are.
For a class assignment we had to explore this with a partner. My partner perceived herself as weird. I personally have known her for two semesters now and my public role perception of her is not weird. I don’t see that at all about out her. I feel that she is very spunky, colorful, and a very genuine person. I enjoy being in her presence.

As a visual for this project I decided to make an original art piece using the word weird and other elements that she shared with me about herself. I really enjoyed learning about my partner and my other classmates.

Who Am I and What is My Purpose?

5 Oct

We all wonder what we were placed on this earth to do at one time or another. Some of use find our purpose early in our lives than others do. We all search ourselves to find out just who we are and this can take a bit of time for us to really find out. But once we find this out, there is not stopping our stride. Let me take a moment to introduce myself, tell you who I am, and what I have found my purpose to be in life.

My name is Michele Vaughn and I am a person that inspires others to strive towards the best! I am a philanthorpist, business woman, and activist. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, and friend.  I am a Freelance Graphic and Web designer. I am a Professional Blogger/Vlogger as well. I have found that my purpose is to empower, educate, and create. I inspire those around me to be confident within themselves and believe in their abilities to achieve great success. I promote Organic Excellence, Breast Cancer and Diabetic Awareness, Positive Self-images among Women & Men, Size Acceptance, and Healthy Lifestyles through Small Changes. I started a community nonprofit organization in 2008 to service my community in these areas. I love what I have been called to do and will continue to uplift those that I am fortunate to touch, for as long as I am on this earth!

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